The Speakers Bureau is More Relevant than Ever

Posted by kcweimer4393 on Jul 24, 2020 03:16:15 PM

My, how times have changed. Over the course of the spring, I had arrangements for two local council speaking engagements and three presentations at regional CGP conferences. All canceled of course. Fortunately, my airline was generous with its cancellation protocol.

But fast forward to today and we have entered a brave new world. A world of Zoom and WebEx. A world where life continues on, only virtually. We have learned to adapt in the last several months. I have since given numerous virtual CGP presentations and town halls to both local and national audiences. The CGP Speakers Bureau is alive and well in this virtual world.

As local councils work hard to provide value to their members, consider using the CGP Speakers Bureau as a source of presentations to your members by thought leaders in gift planning.

Paying for airfare, hotel and meals for speakers is now a thing in limbo. Until we begin to have face to face meetings once again, you can now bring the best in our industry to your local council for only the cost of a Zoom subscription.

National board members have made a commitment to present to local councils and regional CGP conferences and waive their normal honorarium. Our only request is that you make a donation, in whatever amount you feel is reasonable, to the national office in honor of our speaking. Speakers not on the board may still charge an honorarium for a presentation.

Now it is easier than ever to have Nathan Stelter speak about our new Standards for Gift Planning Success, Kelli Smith to present on A Look at Gift Planning through the Beginner's Mind... (Beware! It's not just for beginners.), Nicole Engdahl to talk about Manna From Heaven Isn’t Really From Heaven, or Ron Brown to enlighten and educate you with Points of Our Compass: Gift Planning in American History. I’ll even give you a presentation on tax law and ethics that is guaranteed to be fun and entertaining. This one even allows for continuing education credit for attorneys, CAPs, CPAs and CFPs.

Please take a look at the CGP Speakers Bureau to see this amazing resource that our national office is providing as a benefit for your local councils and our members.

Access the Speakers Bureau

On this link you will discover the breadth and depth of presentations offered. A brief bio is included as well as descriptions of the topics offered by each speaker.

The Speakers Bureau is comprised of current CGP national board members, past board members, National CGP Conference speakers and members of the esteemed CGP Leadership Institute.

In addition to offering presentations to local councils and CGP regional conferences, the Speakers Bureau is available to all interested organizations such as local charities, community foundations, AFP meetings and conferences, other philanthropy conferences, and professional associations. This provides an opportunity to spread the reach and impact of CGP. Each speaker operates independently of CGP and should be contacted directly to inquire about availability. Speaking for entities not affiliated with CGP may require an honorarium for a presentation.

During this time of virtual meetings and education, make sure to add the CGP Speakers Bureau to your list of resources.


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