CGP's Position

The federal government must continue to support philanthropy. Tax incentives for charitable giving, such as the charitable deduction, send an essential message about the value our society places on voluntary giving and the important role of charitable organizations in meeting critical individual and community needs. The true beneficiaries of the charitable donation are not the generous Americans who make charitable gifts, but all citizens whose local communities, nation, and world are made better through the work of charitable organizations.

Americans do not make charitable gifts for tax reasons, but tax incentives encourage more giving and make bigger gifts possible. Tax incentives for charitable giving send a message that helping others is a core value to be encouraged. The charitable deduction is not a matter of providing a reward or something of value to the taxpayer; rather it is a matter of encouraging those with financial means to use their wealth to help those without. This voluntary redistribution of wealth is a cornerstone of Americas philanthropic heritage.

Charitable Deduction

CGP urges Congress to reject any proposals that would eliminate or limit the value of the charitable deduction.


CGP supports The Legacy IRA Act (HR 1337) introduced in 2017. This new federal legislation would greatly expand the existing IRA Charitable Rollover provision to permit life-income gifts.

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