The CGP Mentor Program is designed to develop relationships between experienced professionals and those early in their gift planning careers seeking to learn and enhance skills that will help improve their expertise and confidence to further their careers.

Mentors and Mentees will be expected to meet once a month, with a one-year commitment starting November. There will also be several meetings throughout the year for the entire cohort of mentees. Selected participants will be notified in early July, and the program will kick off with an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet at CGP Conference

The application for the 2024 Mentor Program is now closed. The next application window will open in May 2025. 

Apply to be a Mentee 

For potential mentees, this is a great opportunity to connect with a mentor who can offer insight and help you navigate your professional development. 

Mentees should: 

  • have 2-5 years of gift planning experience
  • currently be engaged in gift planning at least 50% of the time
  • be a current member of CGP or willing to join

Through the CGP Mentor Program, mentees can expect to gain:

  • Access to a support system during critical stages of career development
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
  • A clearer understanding and enhancement of career development plans
  • An ability to benefit from a mentor relationship where mentoring may not be readily available through your employer
  • A recognition of the importance of mentors and what they provide to your development
  • Greater knowledge of career success factors

And so much more!

Apply to be a Mentor

For potential mentors, this is an opportunity to give back, share your expertise and refine your own skills. 

Mentors should:

  • have at least 10 years of gift planning experience
  • be currently engaged in gift planning at least 50 percent of the time 
  • be a member of CGP for at least three of the last five years

Through the CGP Mentor Program, mentors will gain:

  • Satisfaction in sharing your wisdom and experience with others
  • Enhancement of coaching leadership, and management skills
  • Exposure to a diversity of thought, styles, personalities, and culture
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices

And so much more!

Mentor/Mentee matches will be made based on several factors including goals and experience. Prior to matching, both prospective mentors and mentees will be interviewed in order to help the committee in selection and matching the pairs.

Please note: Not all who apply will be matched with a mentee based, on several factors including program needs. The application helps assess the strengths and background that prospective mentors have to offer. Mentors who are not matched with a Mentee in a given year will be considered for matches in future years.

The second year of the program has been a tremendous success. Both Mentors and Mentees report that their meetings are very productive and exceedingly worthwhile. We are pleased with the upward trajectory of the program and look forward to bringing additional value to current and future participants.