The CGP Speakers Bureau is a prestigious group of highly respected practitioners and allied professionals in the field of charitable gift planning. These experienced presenters are thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise and include members of the CGP National Board of Directors, past CGP Conference speakers, and members of the esteemed Leadership Institute. With over 50 speakers in the bureau, presentations span a wide variety of topics. Whether you are looking for the basics on how to get a program started or advanced analysis of complex gift structures, there is a topic and speaker to meet your needs.  

You may learn more about a speaker below by clicking on the photo or use the search tab where you can search by speaker, topic, and location.

Originally established to provide quality presenters to the CGP national network of councils, the speakers bureau is now available to all interested organizations such as local charities, community foundations, religious organizations, and professional associations. Each speaker operates independent of CGP and should be contacted directly to inquire about availability.

Jon Abrams*

Cindy Atmar*

Gregory Baker

Aquanetta Betts

Mike Bell

Rebecca Bibleheimer

Patience Boudreaux

Alexandra Pia Brovey

Ronald A. Brown

Paul M. Caspersen

Lisa Chmiola

Meryl R. Cosentino

Penny Cowden

Sindy Craig

Pamela Davidson

David Disend

Claudine Donikian

Christy Eckoff

Nicole Engdahl

Lynn M. Gaumer

J William Gray

Lynn Ierardi

Brigit Kavanagh

Michael Kenyon

Kathy Kielar

Carlo Laurore

Nicola Lawrence

Michelle Mancini

Chris McGurn

Anne T. Melvin

Tom Neises

Melanie Norton

Trina Olidge

Wayne Olson, JD

Philip Purcell

Cynthia A. Randazzo

Mike Romero

William D. Samers

Ed Sandifer

Robert M. Shafis

Greg Sharkey

Cathy R. Sheffield

Phyllis Silverstein

Gordon P. Smith

Kelli Smith

Benjamin C. Stahmann

Lani Starkey

Nathan Stelter

Eddie Thompson

Matthew K. Treadwell

Mark A Vergenes

Rebecca Watkins

Raymond W. Watts

Ericka L. Webb


Fredrick Weber

Kent C. Weimer

Grant Whitney

Craig C. Wruck

Barbara Yeager

Marion T. Yongue

Bill Zook




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