National Estate Planning Awareness Week: 3 Reasons to Celebrate

Posted by kturner on Oct 21, 2020 12:46:26 PM

This year, October 19 through October 25 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. If you are thinking, is that a real thing - you are not alone. Here’s something else to know – since 2008, every third week in October has been designated for this occasion. So go ahead and put the week on your calendar for next year too. The information below will shed additional light on the topic:

1. The History of National Estate Planning Awareness Week

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CGP Town Hall with guest Johni Hays

Posted by kturner on Aug 17, 2020 03:52:25 PM

During the Aug. 14 CGP Town Hall, Johni  Hays, JD, discusses the RIFT project and how the database can be a resource in dealing with financial institutions for more efficient IRA beneficiary distributions. Johni also talks about the latest advocacy efforts to influence the IRS and legislators for a more transparent and just process to release these funds timely as intended by their owners. 

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CGP Town Hall with guest Perry Wasserman

Posted by kturner on Aug 12, 2020 11:06:28 AM

During the July 31 CGP Town Hall, CGP Advocacy consultant and Managing Director of 501c Strategies, Perry Wasserman provides up to date information on legislation related to the nonprofit sector that is currently active in Congress. Gain insight into the legislative process as Congress wrestles with another round of COVID. Active legislation affecting the charitable sector includes bills to expand the above the line charitable deduction and the Legacy IRA Act.

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