Member Spotlight: Matthew Treadwell

Posted by askirvin on Feb 13, 2024 09:17:15 AM

Meet Matthew Treadwell!

Matthew is a Gift Planning Attorney at the Indiana University Foundation for Indiana University Indianapolis (IUPUI). In addition to his work at IU Indy, Matthew is a member of the Board of Directors for the CGP, where he serves as the Emerging Professionals Chair and incoming Conference Chair. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Ausome Indy

Matthew completed his undergraduate studies in Global Inequalities at Indiana University, where he presented his senior thesis on land rights issues in Cambodia. He graduated from Notre Dame Law School with his J.D., and a passion to work for the public good. 

"My mom always taught me to use what I have to give back and help people."

His mother, who had a career in social work, instilled the importance of public service. She always encouraged Matthew to work in his community and for those in need. 

Matthew began at the Indiana Attorney General's Office where he was promoted to Deputy Attorney General. However, his role differed from the public service he envisioned himself doing. It was during a conversation with a former classmate that he discovered his passion for planned giving. 

Matthew started connecting with people he knew in the field, and recalled a week in law school that focused on gift planning. With a newfound passion, he started his role as a Planned Giving Officer with the National FFA Foundation. He procured their first CGA and created an MOU with an organization to set procedures for gifts of land and conservation easements. 

"I came in thinking, I'm gonna figure this out on my own, and that's always been who I am." 

In 2018, Matthew joined IUPUI from a solo-planned giving department where he led the program. Coming into Indiana University, a well-established public institution, his unique experience and background elevated his skills. Now, Matthew enjoys working within a team where he can lean on the diverse thinking and viewpoints of his coworkers.

His main focus is on gift planning for IU Indy and the 7 regional campuses and leads the gift planning marketing for the entire university system. Currently, his team is working to value all planned gifts that have no known value. After sending a letter to every donor they had listed as having no dollar amount for, they'll reach out to them individually. 

In 2023, Matthew joined the CGP Board of Directors. The news took him by surprise. "I thought someone had made a mistake, so I'm gonna jump in with both feet and figure out how to make the biggest impact." 

Matthew is especially excited about the CGP Conference 2025 in Indianapolis. Matthew, an Indianapolis native, resides there with his wife and four kids.

"Everyone should come to Orlando for the 2024 CGP Conference. But if you can't make it, you gotta come to Indianapolis. Something about Indianapolis. Just pulls me here, pulls us here." 

Thank you to Matthew for sharing his journey with us. Say “hello” to Matthew on LinkedIn, at the CGP Conference 2024 or on the CGP Link. 

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