Member Spotlight: Carlo Laurore

Posted by askirvin on Jun 18, 2024 09:18:43 AM

Meet Carlo Laurore, CFP® CHFC® CLU® RICP® AEP® CFRE CAP®!

Carlo is the Senior Vice President of Development for Boy Scouts of America, the Executive Director for the National Boy Scouts of America Foundation National Office of Development and the CGP Conference 2024 Committee Chair. Coming from his keynote presentation at the Carolina Gift Planning Conference, Carlo shared his path into planned giving, strategies for time management and the importance of personalizing professional relationships. 

From working 30 hours a week at Chick-fil-A in high school to his first post-grad job in commercial banking, he learned the foundational tools for forming client relationships. Inspired to find another avenue for his experience, he began his role in gift planning at North Carolina A&T. There, he created their gift planning program where he created a gift planning tool kit that is still used today. With his expertise in infrastructure and marketing strategy, he began his career with the Boy Scouts. 

His current roles are a reflection of his commitment to a greater cause. He is driven in his career in gift planning by a desire to make a difference. Carlo values appreciating donors and understanding their passions well before they consider the gift. Hearing what motivates the donor helps him better understand each contribution and tailor his process to the client. 

Carlo recognizes the value of focusing on each individual rather than mere statistics. One of his approaches to donor engagement is what he deems a 'thank you tour.' With the work of his team and himself, they contact each donor in their database. Conversations were driven by informing the donor about the impact of the gift and listening to the history behind each donor. Through this approach, he can find the best way to honor their contributions while nurturing the relationship. 

"If I can show a donor how their gift has already made an impact, it becomes the fastest step toward cultivation and solicitation."

Carlo's dedication to his work is mirrored in his personal life, where he is a devoted husband and father to two children, a high school junior and an eighth grader. His passion for the Boy Scouts extends to his family, with his wife serving as a scoutmaster and his children actively participating in scout programs. 

Between soccer tournaments, dance competitions, various scout programs and their three cats, RhiRhi, Ghost and Doja, exercise is essential for Carlo. 5 a.m. workouts and running fifty miles a week help Carlo keep his energy and focus for the busy days. Amid weekend travel and family events, Carlo often carves out time to participate in various running events across the country, having completed three half-marathons, four marathons, and a 50K in the past 12 months.

When asked how he balances his schedule, he says, "I treat each task as if nothing else is more important." 

Carlo's approach to time management is a testament to his efficiency and dedication. Whether it's a donor meeting, a CGP Member interview, or responding to emails, each task is given the utmost attention. By dedicating specific time slots to each task, Carlo ensures he can focus entirely on the goal. 

"They deserve that best version of me. They deserve that extra effort because that's their interaction." 

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Carlo, be sure to introduce yourself at CGP Conference 2024 in Orlando, Florida, or say hello on the CGP Link or LinkedIn. 

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