An inspiring event for 2020 scholarship recipients

Posted by Andre Dowell on Jun 08, 2021 04:07:57 PM

On April 26, the CGP’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Task Force hosted a virtual cohort event for the CGP 2020 scholarship recipients. Here are some of the highlights from that inspiring gathering:  

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The attendees heard from their fellow scholarship recipient, Andre Dowell, as he summarized his involvement in a recent conference for fundraisers. He is the Development Engagement Officer for Regional Development at the University of Georgia and a member of the leadership team for the 2021 Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership, which was co-hosted by the African American Development Officers Network (AADO) and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

Andre shared how the Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership attendees were able to gain insights into innovative inclusion, diversity, equity and access efforts; initiatives leaders are pioneering in the industry; and learn more about the latest trends and resources. He also shared that he is excited to see how the conference attendees implement the IDEA efforts and initiatives in their organizations and fundraising practices. 

Career Advice
During the virtual cohort event, attendees gained some excellent career advice from guest speaker, Richard Ammons, Senior Consultant and Principal at Marts & Lundy. Richard Ammons provided excellent guidance in owning your strengths and being your authentic self. Richard provided insightful advice on how to be productive and successful in the industry and demonstrated the positive behaviors and actions necessary to succeed in the field. He shared advice in building a network, the value of mentorship, and so many more valuable perspectives.

The virtual event was an excellent opportunity to bring the CGP 2020 scholarship recipients together, share some wisdom and start a dialogue on how CGP can help support this fantastic group in their professional careers.  

Fundraising Professionals
Perfectly captured during Birgit Smith Burton's recent AFP President Perspective Blog; Birgit is the Founder of the African American Development Officer (AADO) Network, Executive Director of foundation relations for the Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Development in Atlanta, and the chair-elect of AFP Global.

Birgit wrote: "Today, we are suffering from a shortage of fundraisers of color at a time when the future of the profession as a whole is in trouble. The profession is at risk of not having the fundraisers needed to meet the growing challenges nonprofits will face over the next decade. According to AFP's 2019 report on membership demographics, only 9% (approximately) are people of color."

We must strive to strengthen DE&I in the profession. Fundraising organizations must build and retain diverse boards, leadership teams, development units and create inclusive fundraising practices and policies.

Birgit also wrote, "To advance true equity, I encourage us to commit to inspiring and educating a new generation of diverse fundraising professionals and motivating them to join the industry."

Emerging and diverse fundraising professionals seeing representation at all levels inspires and motivates them to continue building a fundraising career. Emerging and diverse fundraising professionals have to see themselves living, growing, and thriving within the organization and not feel like a guest. Supporting and advocating for diverse and emerging fundraising professionals is imperative and will move organizations from awareness to action in DE&I. 

Future Programming
As the event wrapped up - Andre mentioned that he is super grateful for organizations like CGP who invest in emerging professionals of diverse backgrounds. He emphasized the importance of strengthening DE&I in fundraising & philanthropy and how it provides organizations with opportunities to engage new fundraisers of diverse backgrounds, communities, and constituents who can provide the organization with different viewpoints and perspectives.  

The cohort looks forward to future programming and events for CGP membership at large to explore perspectives and engage in authentic educational and professional development activities.  The CGP 2020 scholarship recipients are thankful for CGP Diversity Equity & Inclusion Task Force which includes CGP members, council leaders, and national board members. The Task Force's goals are to develop strategies and activities to improve the diversity of CGP membership, member leaders, and active professionals in the field of charitable gift planning.


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