Non-IRA Accounts/TOD

Although the RIFT project originally began as an IRA issue, many nonprofits have let us know they are having trouble receiving death benefits when their donors have made the charity a beneficiary of an after-tax account - often referred to a TOD (Transfer On Death) account. These accounts are invested with after-tax dollars and are not pre-tax accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc. In the past, the RIFT project had a sample letter (provided by Charles Schultz) for pre-tax accounts but nothing for after-tax accounts. Now, the RIFT project has an after-tax account sample letter for charities to use and customize to meet their own situation.

TOD sample letter. Note there is a suggested attachment to the letter. Also, we have had success when nonprofits copy their state's attorney general on the letter. Get the name address of your state's attorney general.

If your account is a TOD/brokerage account, look within the database under the particular company name. Each section is divided first into the IRA section and then second to the TOD/brokerage section.