Planned Giving is Dead…Long Live Planned Giving!

Robert Sharpe
There has been little real growth in income from estates since 1999, despite two decades of the Great American Wealth Transfer that was first heralded in 1998.  Is “planned giving” as many have known it over their careers declining as a viable revenue source?  Or are we witnessing the dawn of a golden age of charitable gift planning – a world where the vast majority of larger gifts will be “planned gifts” made by the emerging “Gerontrophilanthroplutocracy” with the aid of their professional advisors working in concert with knowledgeable nonprofit development officers? 
Robert will present an overview of a number of inter-related forces driving trends in philanthropy today and for the foreseeable future.  These include the ongoing impact of the Great Recession and the policies designed to reverse it, the elimination of federal estate and gift taxes for 99.9% of donors, the possible reduction or elimination of tax incentives for lifetime gifts, the aging of the Baby Boom generation, the role of planned gifts in capital campaigns and the re-emergence of charitable trusts and other split interest gifts as key planning tools for high net worth individuals.
The remainder of the Summit track presentations will offer solutions for those who wish to thrive in the coming new world of charitable gift planning.
Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the trends in planned gift income in recent years and how some programs have achieved unprecedented success while others have faltered.
2. Discover who will be the source of major current and deferred gifts in coming years and how they will be motivated differently from the generation that preceded them.
3. Be aware of the inevitable changes in charitable tax incentives and how they could lead to a renaissance in outright and life income gifts.
4. Learn why the elimination of estate taxes could lead to greatly increased bequests.
5. Revisit who really makes planned gifts, when they make them and why.
CFRE: Approved for 1 point
CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
Conference Year: 
NCPP 2017
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