Philanthropic Planning Paralysis: Getting Donors to Act

Justin Miller
When evaluating philanthropic planning advice, many donors find themselves paralyzed from taking any action. How do you determine the optimal philanthropic solutions that accomplish a donor’s objectives, communicate sophisticated planning strategies in a manner that is easy to understand, and motivate a donor to implement those strategies? This session provides concrete methods for you to help donors move beyond anxiety and confusion and take action—even in an environment of ongoing market volatility and economic uncertainty. 
Learning Objectives: 
1. How to help donors recognize and articulate their own wealth planning needs and philanthropic desires.
2. How to communicate with donors so that they better understand the strategies and solutions for charitable giving.
3. How to motivate donors to take action now and avoid the cost of procrastination.
CFRE: Approved for 1 point
CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
Conference Year: 
NCPP 2015
Event Type: 
Conference Session
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