Title: Mine Your Own Business! Employing Your Data, Discovering Prime Prospects

Presenters: Matt Borden

Date: October 26, 2021

Time: 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST

Data is the future of gift planning and the most powerful data set is the one you already have. In this session, gift planners will learn how Miami University looked beyond the traditional numerical indicators of planned giving prospects (such as age, years of consecutive giving, and total lifetime giving) and developed a qualitative data model to uncover a new planned giving pipeline of 500+ prime prospects by discovering key phrases that highlighted previous planned gift conversations recorded in its CRM database. The first part of this session will focus on how organizations traditionally use data and how Miami has broadened its focus to include qualitative data mining. We will look at how Miami planned its data collection and mining tool and determined how to target certain pieces of information. We will also look at how contact reports are entered by gift officers, what phrases do and do not evince a planned giving conversation and how to prevent noise and false flags in your final report. Second, we will discuss how to organize your data output and make it both digestible and actionable. This will include sharing our successes at Miami in utilizing the list to prioritize new prospects and how we discovered a pipeline of new prospects and new gift commitments. We will also share how we learned to use our new data model as a management and coaching tool for other gift officers who are having planned giving conversations with prospects.

          - Understand the power of qualitative data in reporting/CRM systems and how to use that data for your advantage.

          - Identify key phrases that indicate a planned giving conversation has been initiated and learn to prevent noise and false flags.

          - Build a data model that makes qualitative data digestible and actionable.

Matt Borden

director of planned giving, university of dayton

Matt Borden currently serves as the University of Dayton as the Director of Planned Giving. He hails from Columbus, Ohio, and holds a JD, M.P.A., and BA from The Ohio State University. Before landing at the University of Dayton, Matt was the Associate Director of Gift Planning at Miami University. Before Miami, Matt was a staff attorney at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and also served in several roles at several nonprofit organizations in Miami, Florida. In addition to serving in his role at the University of Dayton, Matt also serves in a volunteer capacity as the Vice President of Programs and legal officer for Give Back Cincinnati, a volunteerism nonprofit based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Group webinars are intended for CGP affiliated councils or groups of up to 30 individuals.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - 01:00