Title: How to Count and Report Planned Gifts

Presenter: Bruce Bigelow and Scott Lumpkin

Date: November 12, 2019

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST

Whether you're in a campaign or just totaling up results for the year, it's important to include all gifts, including planned gifts and commitments that haven't been received yet. CGP's Guidelines for Reporting and Counting Charitable Gifts help you honor fundraisers' hard work and donors' generosity without causing a collision between the bottom line and the pipeline. They're also an essential foundation for your stewardship plan, since it's impossible to steward donors whose gifts haven't been accurately counted. Scott Lumpkin and Bruce Bigelow helped to develop the guidelines, and they have years of experience applying them at a variety of organizations, both large and small. In this webinar, they'll help you develop a rationale for your counting policy and answer your questions about counting specific gifts. 

What you’ll learn

How several “best practice” programs count planned gifts and discuss them in public reports about fundraising results.

How to address questions raised by the business office, the media and others who may be concerned about the real meaning of fundraising goals and achievements.

How to count blended gifts and gifts of complex, hard-to-value assets.

Bruce Bigelow

Founding partner, charitable development consulting  

Bruce Bigelow is a founding partner of Charitable Development Consulting, where he provides a broad range of service to development departments, including preparation for endowment campaigns, effective deployment of volunteers and development of planned giving programs. He serves as a mentor for a variety of organizational planned giving programs, providing technical counsel as well as strategic advice to a wide range of nonprofits. Bruce previously served as Senior Vice President at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, and Associate Vice President for Development and, earlier, the Director of Planned and Major Gifts at Gettysburg College. During a three-year term on the board of directors of the National Committee on Planned Giving (now the Association of Charitable Gift Planners--CGP), Bruce chaired the national task force on planned giving research and chaired the task force that developed guidelines for counting and reporting planned gifts. He is a past chair of the national CGP Conference, a founding member and past president of the Chesapeake Planned Giving Council and a member the CANARAS Group. Bruce has a BA from the College of Wooster in mathematics and history and both an MA and PhD from the University of Chicago.

Scott Lumpkin

Founder, scott r. lumpkin & Associates llc  

Scott Lumpkin is the founder of Scott R. Lumpkin & Assoc LLC, where he consults with nonprofit organizations and individuals on transformational philanthropic strategies. Prior to launching his consulting firm in 2015, Scott had a 32-year development career at the University of Denver working with high-net-worth donors, capped by serving five years as Vice Chancellor of University Advancement. During his career at DU, Scott played a significant role in securing many of the University’s largest gifts, reflecting his recognized expertise in charitable gift planning and ability to build strong relationships with alumni and friends. Scott is a past board member of the National Committee on Planned Giving (now the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners), as well as a founding member and past president of the Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable. He has directed national research projects on the motivation and characteristics of gift planning donors, and helped developed national guidelines for counting and recognizing planned gifts. Scott speaks regularly to boards and staff of nonprofits on philanthropy, charitable planning and the integration of planned and major gift fundraising efforts. He  holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Denver. 


Group webinars are intended for CGP affiliated councils or groups of up to 5 individuals.


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