Going from 0 to 60: A Crash Course for New Gift Planners

Joe Nolte & Rob Kinsey
One of the questions that often comes up among attendees at the NCPP is how to get started in gift planning. We thought back to when each of us took over one-person shops, tucked into the development office, and to what we did to be successful. We also thought about what we have done the last few years at Iowa State to continue to build on the success of prior years, with Rob as the leader and Joe as a development officer. This workshop will share our strategies to "step on the gas," to help participants develop a roadmap to their goals. We'll cover a lot of topics in brief, but you will end with a set of action steps you need to develop your shop.
CFRE: Approved for 1 point
CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
Conference Year: 
NCPP 2016
Event Type: 
Conference Session
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