Education Program: Accepting Complex Gifts of Real Estate: A Builder's Guide

Presenter: Jonelle Beck and Sheila Hard

Date: February 26, 2019

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm. EST

Our Real Estate Gift Acceptance Procedure Manual was born out of necessity. This webinar will cover each phase of the acceptance process using examples from the recent gift of a retained estate for a term of years. We will take participants step by step from the beginning (initial donor interaction or proposal) through the “finish-line” (recording the deed and beyond). Phase one, the introduction, will cover how to have and document clear and consistent communication with the donor throughout the entire transaction; phase two will define due diligence and explain the importance of receiving conditional acceptance from leadership; and the final phase explains how to successfully close the real estate gift. Significant focus will be given to the importance of continuous donor communication, the gathering of key information and documents using templates, the importance of due diligence including utilizing real estate professionals such as brokers, title companies and appraisers, as well as how to create an organizational work-flow chart and template documents.

Learning Objectives

Phase I – Participants will understand why consistent and clear communication with the donor regarding expectations and anticipated outcomes for real estate gift is critical.

Phase II– Participants will learn the importance of vetting the potential gift of real estate, performing due diligence and obtaining the conditional acceptance from leadership.

Phase III – Participants will learn how to successfully close a real estate gift and how to administer the post-acceptance process.


Jonelle Beck

Executive Director of estate & gift planning and assistant general council for trusts and estates, University of the pacific

In her role as Executive Director, Jonelle oversees the planned giving department supporting three University campuses - Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco. Her team uses complex trusts and real estate gift structures to secure long-term gifts for the University. In her role as Assistant General Counsel for Trusts and Estates, she manages open estate, trust and probate matters where the University is trustee and/or beneficiary. Jonelle's previous experience includes 17 years in private practice handling estate planning, business and real estate matters. She has over 19 years of real estate experience and held a California Broker's License until 2013. 

Sheila Hard

Senior planned giving officer, university of the pacific

Sheila has over 30 years of experience in charitable gift planning. She began her career in the University of California system-wide Office of Development Policy and Administration. Her fundraising positions have included Associate Director of Planned Giving for UC Berkeley, Executive Director of the Episcopal Foundation of Northern California, Director of Planned Giving at California State University - Sacramento and Director of Gift Planning at the University of New Mexico Foundation. Sheila received her J.D. from University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law in 2009. While in law school she served as a consultant and wrote and produced an e-bulletin aimed primarily at professional advisors. 



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