CGP Group Webinar FAQs

Q: What are the options for group webinar purchasing?
A: Councils and organizations are encouraged to purchase a webinar for group viewing. Effective January 2024, group viewing will be hosted by the contact who purchased on behalf of each organization. The group members will not receive individual viewing links.

Q: How do I share the webinar with my group or team?
A: Group webinar viewing sessions may be hosted in two ways: together in-person or via an online platform. You may select from live upcoming webinars or from the extensive CGP library.

Q: Can I host a webinar viewing session on Zoom for my team?
A: Yes, you can gather your team via any online meeting platform. You can then share your screen and audio to broadcast the webinar for the group.

Q: Who will receive access to the webinar recording and resources?
A: As the host, you will retain access to the webinar recording and resources. These items will be found in your CGP Shop purchase history.

Q: Can I share this link with my whole team for individual viewing?
A: No. Webinar viewing links allow access for the host only.

Q: I have previously been able to share individual links with up to 30 of my council members/teammates. Why can’t I do that now?
A: CGP’s group webinar policy has changed in response to platform technology and pricing changes. We are continuing to evaluate options for organizational group membership and pricing discounts. If you have requests or suggestions on this topic, please share with us here.