The Ability and Capacity to Execute | Standard 8

The nonprofit prioritizes disciplined, comprehensive donor data management.


  Donor data management processes are audited at least annually

  Staff receive training on use of donor management system at least annually

  CRM system and processes track the following data points at minimum:

  • meaningful/substantive contacts with donors

  • count and value for all gifts closed (including revocable and irrevocable deferred)

  • count and value for noncash gifts


  Using Your Nonprofit CRM: A Guide to Donor Data Management (

The Ability and Capacity to Execute | Standard 9

The nonprofit has an active prospect management process to keep donor portfolios right-sized and current and to move donors through the identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship cycle.


  Fundraisers meet with their managers at least monthly to report progress on individual prospects and review portfolios

  The organization uses a process or system of relationship management and fundraisers receive training on this system

  Prospects for deferred gifts and asset-based giving are identified in a collaborative way across departments and fundraisers


 FREE "The ABCs of Major and Planned Gift Portfolio Management," (Linda Speed and Kelly Wesley Taylor)

 SIGNALS -- A Deliberate Approach to Discovery and Assessment of a New Prospect (Dan Shephard)

 Effective Cultivation Techniques: The Ties That Bind (Anne Melvin)

 Best Practice in Prospect Management Policies and Procedures (APRA/AASP Best Practices)

  Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning: Approaching Prospects (Brian Sagrestano and Robert Wahlers--book excerpt)

  Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning (Resource Book): Prospect Interaction, (Brian Sagrestano and Robert Wahlers--book excerpt)

 10 Success Factors of Mid-Level Giving,  Moves Management (Angie More, 2016)

The Ability and Capacity to Execute | Standard 10

The development staff has discipline and accountability around filing call reports and other forms of donor engagement.


  There is a standard format for submitting call reports

  Call reports are audited by managers at least twice a year

The Ability and Capacity to Execute | Standard 11

The nonprofit has qualified staff in place to drive and support the gift planning process.


  Job descriptions for all development personnel are up to date and easily accessible to staff

  There is a standard orientation process for all new hires that includes review of strategic plan and all gift planning policies, procedures and metrics

  All fundraisers receive performance reviews annually

  The organization has access to technical expertise on staff or through volunteers or paid counsel


  FREE "Hiring, Motivating and Retaining High Impact Charitable Planners" (Kathryn Miree and Jeff Comfort)

  "How to Identify, Hire and Retain the 'Perfect' Planned Giving Officer," (Kathryn Miree)

  "The Six Faces of Gift-planning Officers," (Kathryn Miree, Planned Giving Today, December 2013)

  FREE "A Nonprofit Organization's Guide to Engaging an Executive Search Firm," Bridgespan Group

 Building Sustainable "Best in Class" Fundraising Teams (Steve Goodner)

  CGP Career Center