The 7 Pillars of a Major Gift Program

Richard Perry
Between 60 and 75% of all U.S. philanthropy comes from high net worth individuals who represent 3% of the total population. On average, these individuals gave $68,580 per year, while the general population household gave $1500 per year. Engaging high net worth individuals with personalized high touch strategies will yield substantial net revenue to non-profits who have created a strategic major gift program, including current gifts of complex assets. In this session, Richard Perry will share the three operating principles and the 7 foundational pillars of a successful major gift program. You will learn how to create the right caseload of donors for your major gift officer, the importance of creating goals for every donor on the caseload, why its important to have a personalized specific year long plan for every donor, how to ask, thank and report back effectively and why accountability and good management, that is fact based, is so critical to your success in this area.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how to build a successful major gift program.
2. Why focusing on how to fulfill a donor’s passion and interest is more important than focusing on their money.
3. How you can secure six and seven figure gifts and substantially increase your net revenue.

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CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
Conference Year: 
NCPP 2015
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