Member Spotlight: Aquanetta Betts

Posted by askirvin on Aug 10, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Congratulations to CGP member and board member Aquanetta Betts on her new role as Director of Planned Giving at George Mason University. We sat down with Aquanetta to discuss her journey into a career in gift planning from her start as a flight attendant, her new position and tips for success. 

Picture of Aquanetta BettsAfter a career as a flight attendant for 15 years, how did you find your way into gift planning?

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Member Spotlight: Nicole Engdahl

Posted by askirvin on Jun 16, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Nicole EngdahlCongratulations to Nicole Engdahl on her new role as Vice President of Individual Giving at the African Wildlife Foundation. We sat down with Nicole to ask about her new position, experience and advice for emerging professionals. 

Tell us a little about yourself, including how you started in gift planning.

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