The average American’s wealth is mainly comprised of homes and retirement assets.  Furthermore, recent studies have revealed that for a variety of reasons, non-probate methods to transfer assets is on the increase, including retirement plan beneficiary designations.  The Will is no longer the primary vehicle used to transfer assets upon death.  Gift Planners and Major Gift Officers need to be aware of these trends when working with donors and their advisors.  With 61% of U.S households owning tax advantaged retirement accounts, it behooves Gift Planners, Major Gift Officers and Financial Advisors to be well-versed in gifting options involving retirement plans.  This session will provide a general overview of the various types of retirement plans, including contribution, distribution, and inheritance rules and options.  It will also explore a variety of gifting strategies using retirement plans, both during life and upon death. Several cases illustrating retirement plan gifting strategies will shared and discussed