Frontline fundraisers do a wonderful job of securing bequest gifts, but what happens when it's time for the commitment to turn into dollars? We’ll share the purposes, plans and procedures we used to create a dedicated estate resolution program at Mayo Clinic. You’ll learn how to promote the program to internal management and how the program manages all types of gifts, including gifts through probate, gifts through trust and assets that transfer outside of a trust. All our examples come from our experience, including the good scenarios, the bad situations and a few cases that got downright ugly. Whether you are creating an estate resolution program from the ground up, or optimizing an existing program, this presentation is for you. 

What you’ll learn

  •  How to build your own estate resolution program, big or small
  • How the program can be a revenue producer for your organization
  • How the program resolves tricky situations that may arise in the estate resolution process