Somewhere in the portfolio of planned gifts, most charitable organizations have one or more life insurance policies. Most are forgotten, neglected or ignored and sometimes the charity is not even aware of their existence. They come from a variety of sources: well-intentioned supporters, insurance agents who are board members, or friends of board members, from sales presentations that promised huge returns with little investment, or possibly from a combination of these. This webinar explains the philosophy and theories that make up a charitable life insurance policy, and teaches you to distinguish a charitable life insurance policy from other policies. You’ll learn how to manage your policies, and how to protect your organization from accepting policies that aren’t suitable as charitable gifts. Resource materials include tools and procedures to help you manage any life insurance policies already owned by your organization.

What you’ll learn

- How to organize, monitor, and control life insurance policies.
- How to decide which policies keep and which to surrender.
- How to feel more confident about the value of your organization’s life insurance gifts.