The unpredictable and unsteady nature of our current tax laws have left your donors' advisors with a challenging and at times formidable environment for charitable and estate planning. The silver lining of this situation is the fertile ground it provides for charitable planning and the opportunity for philanthropic individuals to make their important legacy gifts. Looking beyond retirement income in CRTs and CGAs allows us to explore the ways that these tools can be used for transfer and income tax planning. We will discuss trends and tools that will allow us to keep current with our donors' changing needs and advisors' priorities. We will also explore case studies that will help us better understand the way these tools, when used in unconventional manners, can offer more opportunities for your donors to meet their planning and tax needs in conjunction with honoring their call to support your organization's mission and providing for their loved ones.

You will learn to:

  • Understand current estate and charitable planning priorities and challenges that donors' advisors face in structuring their estate plans.
  • Think more critically about donor's planning and tax needs.
  • Identify and present creative opportunities for charitable giving in the ways that will best meet donors' needs.