As drilling technologies have made significant breakthroughs, oil and gas production has increased dramatically over the past two decades, allowing production in states where none existed previously. Approximately 34 states now realize substantial mineral production each year, creating opportunities for philanthropy that were not formerly available. Attendees will learn from the experiences of an organization that has almost ninety years of minerals management exclusively for nonprofit organizations. This session will equip gift planners to cultivate and close gifts of oil and gas interests, discuss ongoing management of these assets, address the applicability of partial interest and unrelated business income rules, and clarify environmental and valuation issues.

You will learn to: 

  • Understand the basic types of mineral interests and be equipped to discuss gifts of these assets with prospective donors.
  • Incorporate provisions into gift acceptance policies that address gifts of oil and gas interests and be familiar with the different alternatives for the ongoing management of mineral interests.
  • Apply the partial interest and unrelated business income rules to proposed mineral gift scenarios and also address questions related to the valuation and substantiation of these gifts.