To be most successful in your work as a charitable planner, you need more than technical know-how. You also need to be very strong in the range of competencies known as emotional intelligence. Emotions drive our behavior and influence the people we work with, both positively and negatively. Fortunately, emotional intelligence is a skill set that can be learned, and that learning starts with an understanding of strengths and weaknesses. In this webinar, we’ll examine some things that happen in a gift planner’s work that might indicate there’s room for improvement in your EQ.
Are any of these situations familiar? You’ll learn possible causes and remedies during this program:   ​
     - You have a hard time getting to the heart of donors’ connection with your organization. They don’t seem all that excited.
     - After a lot of conversation about a potential gift, donors often don’t pull the trigger.
     - You’re easily discouraged when donors say ‘no.’
     - The people you manage aren’t very productive. They seem to be working hard, but they aren’t meeting goals.
     - You see things at work that you feel need to be done differently, but you aren’t able to convince anyone else of it.
     - Your boss only cares about dollars raised, not about building relationships with donors.