We know that while 30% of the country’s private wealth is in real estate, it represents less than 3% of all charitable gifts. This program will help you prepare for gift conversations that can bring more real estate gifts to your organization. In 2012, Mike Romero met a donor who loved charitable gift annuities and wanted to fund one with his home. Mike was well aware of the cautions about "gifts that eat," but there were reasons to strengthen a relationship with the donor, and signs that things would go well with the sale of the property. So he embarked on a learning experience that continues today. During this program, Mike will discuss the history and performance of the first gift annuity and show how that experience triggered policy changes that governed a second gift annuity for the same donor. 
What you'll learn:
- how to assess risks and structure a gift conservatively so that it makes sense for both the donor and the organization
- how to discuss pros and cons of a gift with a donor to shape expectations
- how to involve a gift acceptance committee and professional advisors in decisions about the gift