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Best Practices: Support From the Top

Laura Dean

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.


CALLING ALL EXPERIENCED CHARITABLE GIFT PLANNING PROGRAM MANAGERS AT CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS!! What do you want your current or next boss to understand about gift planning programs, officers and donors? For years we’ve heard that too many boards of directors, president/CEOs, VPs for development, and others to whom gift planning managers report just don’t understand what is needed for gift planning success in the long term. Let’s discuss the types of support and perspectives needed from those at the top of charitable organizations in a best practices workshop. The session will begin with an overview of issues and challenges and then will move to small group discussions to outline specific best practices. After the conference, all of the suggested best practices will be shared with the workshop attendees for review and ranking. The final product will be shared with CGP’s Leadership Institute for a future white paper on best practices.

Learning Objectives

  1. Best practices to share with your supervisor about essential support needed from the top of the organization  for a long-term successful program.
  2. Best practices to share with your supervisor about working with charitable gift planning donors.
  3. Best practices about how to keep your supervisor up-to-date on new research on philanthropy and charitable gift planning.


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Laura Dean

Laura Hansen Dean & Associates

An NACGP Hall of Fame inductee (2018) in her 39th year of gift planning, Laura Hansen Dean has led gift planning teams at the University of Texas/Austin and the University of Colorado and at community foundations and academic centers on philanthropy. She has served as chief executive officer of two publicly-supported foundations, and as consultant for multi-year grants funded by some of the country’s largest private foundations. As a national consultant, Laura helped a wide variety of charitable organizations including community foundations, cultural organizations, private and public institutions of higher education, historic preservation organizations, hospitals and healthcare organizations, human service organizations, religious orders and organizations, and retirement communities. She assisted these organizations in designing and implementing gift planning programs; structuring, soliciting, closing and managing complex gifts; and in the management of charitable organizations and foundations. Laura’s total complex and planned gifts closed now exceeds $1 billion.