Why do conference attendees return every year?

It's the opportunity to network with hundreds of professionals in charitable gift planning. Throughout the conference, there are plenty of networking breaks, luncheons and general sessions sprinkled in to give you the opportunity to connect with other gift planners, experienced professionals and our valued exhibitors.

quotes from past attendees: 

“CGP is setting the path for our profession to be a serious profession with a body of knowledge and certifications. The knowledge base they are providing by being an association and convening us all year after year is really inspiring to see and really adds credibility and value to the work we are doing in charitable gift planning. I’m proud to be a member and proud to be here at the conference.” -Amira Barger, Project Open Hand

“The networking opportunities are phenomenal. You get the chance to meet so many different people in the field, so many different organizations across the country!” -Missy Ham-Cross, American Red Cross

“This is the most comprehensive planned giving training conference that I’ve been to over the years. Tremendous expertise that it brings from various points of view of different nonprofit organizations plus networking opportunities with other professionals is unprecedented here and anywhere else.” -Don Cramer, Legacy Coaching


Quotes from Past Exhibitors: 

“Not only do I get to meet my clients, I also get to meet new people from different sorts of organizations whether they be large universities to a very small hospital to also perhaps a community group.” -Katrina Pipasts, Northern Trust

“The benefits are all the relationships that we garner from this event. The people are just amazing and the missions they’re accomplishing. If we can be a part of supporting that, it’s a privilege all the way.” -Sandra Henningsen, Crescendo Interactive

“It’s the best event of the year for us. It provides us with an opportunity to see so many of our clients and to see people that might be entertaining our services in the future.” -Vic Amato, TIAA Kaspick

“Without a doubt: great conference, great venue, great people. This is the National Conference so there is never a chance we wouldn’t be here.” -Todd Mitchell, The Stelter Company

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or your background, everyone is accepting and welcoming and it’s so much fun! I’ve met so many people over the years.
This is a great event meet other colleagues in the industry, to spend time with our clients and also offer a chance for the people that work on my team the ability to spend some time outside of the office visiting with the clients they speak to on a daily basis.